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Our Custom Printing Services can help your company’s marketing strategy work better for you through creative artwork, data management, letter shop services, drop shipment and more.

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Custom Printing Services

Data Processing

Smith Printing Services has the security controls in place to protect the integrity of your data while maximizing its potential to reach your audience. And, when using regulated software in a SAS 70 Level II cloud environment, we have the tools and experience to update and standardize your mailing lists, segment your data for variable versioning and format your address files for best postage discount.



data processing

Creative Services Printing Design

Our Creative Services department can help your company’s marketing strategy work better for you. We can start with a new logo and handle the concept, design and implementation of an entire identity package. Or, we can simply take your current marketing plan and help you refine it and produce it.

To develop your project, we’ll draw from your company’s core values, interests and personality. When the day is done, your marketing and your brand must be true to the soul of your company.

From concept and creation to digital or traditional offset production, our team of marketing and creative specialists brings the talent, resources and years of experience to deliver the right look to the right audience on time and with flair. We bring your ideas to life to effectively market your organization to your audience.

data processing

Variable Data Printing

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, We can simplify your statement process while diversifying your statement program. Using our specialty programs and custom printing services, we can customize your statements to be fully automated, variable and economical.


data processing

2D Barcode & Intelligent Inserting

We print statements with 2D data matrix barcodes – intelligent programming that allows us to audit physical production throughout the process.

Intelligent barcoding is an excellent auditing tool, because it verifies and accounts for every record throughout the production process – virtually eliminating the possibility for double-stuffs.

With intelligent barcoding also comes intelligent inserting. A great way to augment your marketing strategy, intelligent inserting is completely variable, allowing you to use varying statement stuffers for separate customer segments within one data stream.

Lettershop Services

Lettershop Services

We have the people, process, and technology to accurately produce your mailings with confidence. We know mail!

  • Automated Inserting
    Quick setup for most standard letter envelope sizes. We are also suited for manual assembly of flat mail pieces as well as odd sized pieces.
  • Tabbing
    The Postal Service runs mail through machines which will damage self-mailers if not properly tabbed. To obtain automation rates for self-mailers (letter size), they must be sealed by tabs.
    We stock several types of tabs for most applications.


We utilize the United States Postal Service for mail and standard package shippments. For expedited shipments, we use FedEx shipping services.

Inventory & Fulfillment

We assemble and ship marketing materials for rapid distribution. All materials stored in inventory for fulfillment remain in our temperature controlled warehouse.

Delivery & Pick-up

We have a fleet of trucks able to pickup/deliver materials in and around the Birmingham area. For out-of-area pickup/delivery, we utilize third party services. Additional pickup/delivery fees may be applied to your project based on distance and size of load. Contact us for more information.

Lettershop Services

Drop Shipment

The USPS offers lower postage rates for both Standard and Periodicals mail to encourage mailers to move the mail closer to the point of delivery. Drop shipment refers to trucking and entering mail at postal sorting facilities closer to its final destination. We regularly prepare mailings for such savings. Typically, we analyze your data for the potential savings versus the cost of trucking. Many of our customers choose drop shipment for the time it can save in delivery.

There are three destination entry discounts for Standard mail:

  1. Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) discount
  2. Bulk Mail Center (BMC) discount
  3. Sectional Center Facility (SCF) discount.

Although the DDU is the largest discount available, it’s available only in very specific high-density carrier-route mailing. Consequently, we tend to focus instead on the BMC and SCF discounts. At FlexDigital, we offer it all: on-site postal inspection, Merlin for rapid acceptance or staging of your drop shipments.

On-Site Postal Entry & Merlin™

We partner with Flex Digital to provide you with complete mail acceptance services on-site in our facility Monday through Friday. We stage, present, pay and undergo strict quality control via postal inspection. We then send all our mail pieces through the MERLIN™, or Mail Evaluation Readability and Lookup Instrument, which verifies barcode readability and other mail requirements before being thrown into the mail stream.

In fact, we were the first private install of MERLIN™ in the state of Alabama, and have an exemplary relationship with the US Postal Service. We work closely with the Post Office in order to move your mail through to delivery without a hitch.

Additional Services

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